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Modern Jamdanis

Jamdani, a textile epitomizing lightness, delicately handwoven in Bengal by our skilled artisans.

The fabric's charm lies in its intricate motifs blending floral elegance and bold geometric expressions.

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Handwoven Checks and Stripes

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of handwoven fabrics adorned with checks and stripes. These captivating patterns transcend the confines of time and trends, creating a classic and enduring charm.

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  • Natural & premium fabrics

    We only work cotton, linen, silk, responsibly sourced, favoring handwoven and organic fabrics

  • Comfort first designs

    Full day comfort, breathable and relaxed fit form the core of our designs

  • Mindful

    We believe in philosophy of slow fashion, quality over quantity and timeless, seasonless designs

  • Made to order

    We are a small-batch production unit, adhering to ethical working conditions, providing fair wages